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Our Partners

Our trusted network of technology partners helps us to offer solution to meet the diverse needs of process manufacturers worldwide.

Code of Business Ethics

At Capstone Technology, ethics and values are a high priority in how we conduct business and interact with each other and with our valued customers and partners. We have high ethical standards and operate with the utmost integrity in every situation and scenario. The following describes each part of our ethical foundation.

Absolute Integrity

  • Always acting with honesty and transparency in all that we do
  • Doing the right thing even if it means losing business
  • Keeping our promises and commitments
  • Treating our people and business partners with fairness and respect


  • Creating an entrepreneurial culture where people can take initiative and succeed
  • Challenging our people to grow and reach their highest potential individually and collectively
  • Trusting our people to take personal ownership and accountability and learn from their experiences

Customer Focus

  • Partnering with our customers to enhance their productivity and performance
  • Listening to customer challenges and actively anticipating their future requirements
  • Delivering on our commitments to meet customer needs

Restless Innovation

  • Continuously improving products, services and business processes
  • Constantly finding ways to enhance personal, customer and product performance to create maximum value
  • Challenging the status quo

High Performance

  • Delivering strong and sustainable value for our shareholders
  • Performing to the highest standards against the commitments we make internally to one another and externally to our customers
  • Developing resilient businesses that are best in class
  • Acting with urgency without compromising quality, safety, the environment and our integrity

The ethical standards we expect and extend are found in our code of business from our parent company, Spectris, which is headquartered in Egham, England.

You can read more about Spectris or about the code of business ethics by reading the PDF The Value of Integrity below.